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This Program has a portfolio 18 high-quality growth-stage businesses.

Our GPP Partners have unique technologies and capabilities in their domains with clear competitive advantages and deep sector experience. 

They are on a growth path, and need management support, new partnerships, and capital, to maximize impact and achieve their goals. 

Most have revenues between Rs 3-15 Crores (US$ 0.5 - 2Mn) and are building teams in anticipation of future growth.

The early growth stage is considered to be the loneliest part of the entrepreneurial journey. Over the long duration of the Program, our team, advisors, partners, and other program participants will become trusted advisors, sounding boards and friends.

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Our program is flexible, designed to help you solve your greatest challenges and capitalize on your biggest opportunities.

Please contact us at if you would like to join the GPP, or wish to support these businesses or invest in them.


Below is more information about the GPP Partners. Please reach out to them if you have enquiries or opportunities.

Meet the Companies in the Growth Partners Program

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