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Mumbai offers an abundance of opportunities and world-class quality of life for some. 

It also has a host of social and environmental problems that hurt not only the poor and disadvantaged, but every Mumbaikar.


  • Luxurious homes and high prices, while 12 million live in slums. 

  • The most polluted water bodies in the world.

  • Worsening air pollution—and bronchial problems. 

  • Jammed roads, but bus services are cut back due to losses.

  • Rising stress, hypertension, frustration, anger—and cost of living.

  • Ranked the 117th most liveable city in the world by The Economist.

LEAP Mumbai is a long-term, collective action program to make the city more Liveable and Sustainable.

The goal is to improve childhoods, and reduce pollution of all forms, by

a. strengthening social enterprises working in the city, and 

b. bringing together various stakeholders including citizens, municipality, police, businesses / CSR and the Government, who can collectively have a much greater positive impact than each actor individually.

For Member Social Enterprises, we offer:

Support in building Organizational Capabilities

  • Regular Workshops and Peer Interaction Sessions for the CEO/ED

  • Workshops for Senior Managers and other team members

  •  Active support in developing strategy, partnerships, human resources, communications etc

  •  Access to Advisors and Mentors

Support in Fundraising

  • Introduction to funders and strategic partners

  • Support in creating innovative projects and raising funds



[Link to the participating social enterprises coming soon]

Expand your Network

  • Interactions with multi-lateral agencies investors, foundations, CSR, consulting and legal firms, mid and large corporates, universities and the media

  • Build deeper relationships with other member organizations through regular workshops and interactions


Visibility and Media Presence

  • Support in your media outreach

  • Coverage on our social media channels

LEAP Mumbai
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